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Business Meeting

Ambulatory surgery center consultants providing planning, development, policies/procedures, licensure, and accreditation services for surgery centers and office based surgery.

Surgery Center Consulting

Economic Feasibility Analysis

Using our industry expertise we will assist you in quickly determining if you should go forward with your project. We will examine variables such as projected caseload, case mix, the most effective and efficient facility size and scope, and determine justifiable and realistic revenue and expense projections.

Licensing and Accreditation

Attaining state licensure of any facility at the initial survey is essential to success, credibility and cash flow. We have the experience and tools you need to be successful the first time. Our staff will also work with you on securing Medicare, AAAHC and JCAHO accreditation, a critical part of the development process.

Operational & Process Audits

Often existing facilities question their efficiency and competitiveness. We can audit your current operations and ensure that you are meeting industry benchmarks, maximizing profitability and satisfying your surgeons. Our experienced staff will use a methodology that combines interview, data review and direct observation to produce a detailed assessment for your organization. We will remain available to assist in the implementation of our recommendations if you wish.

Administrator Mentoring and Management Oversight

Many facilities do not need the extra expense of hiring a management company; they have experienced administrators at the helm. But often board members want the security having outside industry-specific expertise overseeing operations, at least initially or in periods of transition. We can offer a unique solution. We can work with your administrator on a short-term basis providing them mentoring and oversight without the expense and obligation of a multi-year management contract. Once engaged our staff will be available to answer questions, provide direction, evaluate progress and give continual feedback to the board of directors. You can be assured that regardless of your location or budget, your center is working towards the most current industry benchmarks and your staff has been provided with the latest trends in ambulatory surgery. We are also able to assist you in administrator search, interview and evaluation, either pre-opening or in the case of an unexpected vacancy.

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